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    Your gift to Chelsea Legal Services means that vulnerable members of our community will get the legal assistance they need at critical times in their lives. You will help us help our neighbors in need as we strive to close the gap in access for everyone to critical legal services in Chelsea, Massachusetts and the surrounding areas.
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    Our attorneys are passionate, community-based legal advocates helping underserved families and individuals in the Chelsea area navigate the legal system. Our vision is to build a society where there are no service gaps in the justice system, so that all members of the Chelsea, Massachusetts area have equal access to quality legal representation—regardless of income or background. Approximately 85% of the civil legal problems reported by economically disadvantaged Americans receive inadequate or no legal assistance. By supporting CLS, you help change that for people in our service area. Your donation to Chelsea Legal Services will truly make a difference–a huge one!

Helping Others Has Never Felt So Good

You can help ensure that Chelsea Legal Services is able to serve as many clients as possible by helping us raise the funds to do so. Whether you want to volunteer directly in our Grant Writing Department, help our Board’s Development Committee, host an event, use a milestone occasion as a fundraiser, or other opportunities, there are many ways you can help us increase support for our work. 

To discuss ways in which you can become involved, please contact Mark Rossi, CEO, at (617) 466-3037, or mcr@chelsealegalservices.org.

Thank you for helping to make a difference in the lives of the people CLS assists!